7 Quick Tips To Survive The Holiday Season

1. Drink a tall glass or mug of warm lemon water first thing in the morning AND drink lots of filtered water throughout the day. Lemons help detoxify your liver, help you get hydrated, and help boost your immune function!

2. Make sure you are eating plenty of healthy fats. Do you want your brain happy and healthy? Try eating healthy fats like avocados, grass fed butter, coconut oil, and walnuts!

3. Limit your sugar intake. Protect your immune system! Sugar suppresses your immune system and impairs your defenses up to four hours after ingesting it.

4. Stay faithful to taking your probiotics and digestive enzymes. Send some love to your gut!

5. Take time each day for self-care and do something for yourself. Take a relaxing bath, practice yoga, meditate, read a favorite book or watch a favorite holiday movie.

6. Stay warm. If winter has officially arrived in your neck of the woods or your house is a bit drafty, wrap yourself up and put on those warm socks to help you stay warm and cozy!

7. Get plenty of sleep!




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