We are on the journey together. Our paths are diverse, some smooth, many rocky. It’s a wild and crazy ride, why ride it alone? So many are struggling with chronic illness or mystery symptoms that they can not get to the bottom of. I was once there and in some ways, I am still there. I am in the trenches with you and fighting many of the same battles daily. But, I can also help hold the banner of hope. There is hope for overcoming so many of our daily battles. Over the years I have been able to overcome

Severe Anxiety

Brain Fog

Full Body Fatigue

Digestive Issues Of All Kinds

Lyme Disease

CIRS/Mold Illness

And More!

During my childhood I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and my world was devastated. Severe anxiety was my unwelcome companion all through childhood and all the way through my teens and early 20s. I struggled to understand why I could not be “normal” and live my life like a “normal person”.

After the biggest health crisis of my life in 2014, I learned to ask deeper questions about the environment that we live in and learned how it can cause terrible damage or with simple changes it can heal. I discovered how the combination of an HLA gene that leaves me susceptible to biotoxins (which I did not even know about until 2014), my tick bites growing up, and many mold exposures all my life caused my body to completely unravel. I was born fighting for my life and have not stopped since. I, along with my husband,  mother, and the wonderful team of holistic minded doctors, discovered the root causes of my anxiety and other mystery symptoms (20+ at a time most days!).  We fought hard to recover from my mold illness. I discovered ways to heal my body and get stronger through environment changes, food and nutrition, and spiritual and emotional practices. I started practicing yoga when I was strong enough and that has been one of the final pieces in my turning point to a new and healthier me.  I am not just surviving anymore, but am on the road to thriving!

I grew up in the world of natural health and wellness and my first job was working in a health food store. I always had an interest in the health and wellness world, but my main focus was history and historic site education during most of my growing up years. But, I kept one foot in the door of healing foods and herbs. That passion along with the desire to share what I am learning has never left me.

During my illness I sought out ways to learn more in order to help others like me who are struggling with surviving in this toxic world. I graduated from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition as a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach in 2016 and am currently pursuing more certifications. I am always striving to be in a place of learning and growing in order to find personal health, but also to better serve my family and you, my dear ones. I fight hard for truth and for the ability to live a full and healthy life, not just for me, but for YOU!

My mission is to help as many people as I can live cleaner and healthier lives. We are surrounded by toxins and it is impossible to avoid them and the damage they cause. But, we still have a choice. We can learn how to live a less toxic life and in turn give our children a better and healthier future.

I currently live in Utah with my husband. We love to travel and explore as well as stay home and be homebodies. We both are passionate about creating a healthy home environment (not only as toxin free as we can, but emotionally and mentally) and helping others do the same. We are still working hard in my healing process and dream of starting our family in the near future.

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